Shaken, not stirred

Work like a slave, eat like a king


Shaken, not stirred; the classic recipe for style and good taste. The challenge for most cocktail bars is to recreate the classy atmosphere of a James Bond movie. This week I investigate whether Beez succeeds.
Leaving behind the bright lights and gleaming white cobblestones of the tiny street next to the Bijenkorf, I find myself in the newly refurbished cocktail bar Beez. The new interior has a dark and smart twist with an understated, sexy edge. The bartenders are as friendly as they are talented and the drinks menu hits the nail squarely on the head. Unlike James Bond, I go for the less classical choice and order a Dutch Mojito. The bartenders – women only, surprisingly – measure out a shot of Jenever liquor mixed with lemon, mint, brown sugar, soda and crushed ice. The only difference between a regular Mojito and Dutch Mojito is the use of Jenever instead of rum. In the second round I try a Delycious Kiwi, which truly is delicious. Combined with pieces of kiwifruit, gin and lychee liquor and shaken with ice and lemon juice, this cocktail fills me up completely. The drinks are well balanced and accompanied with complementary small bites (popcorn and salty sticks). Taking a sip of my friend’s Strawberry Vanilla Cooler, however, I’m disappointed to find the strawberries frozen and quite bland. Admittedly, it’s not strawberry season – but when you go somewhere for the drinks you do expect a certain level of quality and fresh ingredients.

All in all, Beez manages to create a great environment: vibrant, lively, yet mysterious. While it is a wonderful cocktail bar – including for people who want non-alcoholic drinks – I wish the owners had taken a bit more risk. I’d also like to see a wider range of snacks or little bites on the menu alongside the drinks (so far they offer only olives, toast, bruschetta and nachos). Still, I’m a fan. They do lunch as well, with toasted sandwiches, quesadillas, focaccias, wraps and soups. This I decide to save for another occasion, followed by a trip to Beez’s second location (including a hotel) at the Boschstraat, near the Markt.

Kate Surala

-> Beez, Achter het Vleeshuis 7/Boschstraat 104,


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Dutch Mojito


Delycious Kiwi


Strawberry Vanilla Cooler



Shaken, not stirred
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Kate Surala
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