Ginger’s fresh and tasty food will boost your energy

Work like a slave, eat like a king


Not just serving tasty food, but also raising customers’ energy levels by using fresh and healthy ingredients: this is the mission statement of a tiny restaurant in the heart of Maastricht, between the law and business faculties. Ginger also has a story: a young, enthusiastic Chinese woman teamed up with her brother to share her culinary secrets in a modern restaurant. Inspiration comes from Thailand to Japan, China to Bali. The chairs and banquet couches around the side walls are comfortable and the tiny overhead spotlights create a cosy atmosphere.

There are a fair number of dishes to sort your way through for both lunch and dinner: from Tuna Tarpar and Wakami to Vegeterian Wonton soup or fresh mint ice cream. For lunch, I opt for the ten-piece sushi starter and am intrigued by its beautiful presentation, with pristine, top-quality fish (bigeye tuna, pinkish salmon) and fresh vegetables (cucumber, avocado) accompanied by spot-on sushi rice and fresh ginger. And all of this for just seven euros!

I sip Chinese tea (with unlimited refills) as I await the main course: Japanese speciality Yaki Udon with fried shrimps. The well-seasoned noodles mixed with king-size shrimps, fresh broccoli, spring onion, cucumber and garnish live up to my expectations. The soft and smooth structure of the white noodles seasoned with soy sauce contrasts nicely with the tiny, crispy fried onions. My partner’s Chicken Wonton soup tastes delicious: home-made wontons and fresh vegetables might be just the thing to fight off that annoying flu. Contrary to several reviews on TripAdvisor, the service was extremely quick – although the restaurant was packed, our meals came within 20 minutes.

With its smart and vibrant dishes, Ginger will win over anyone who shows up thinking it’s the same place it once was. Customers used to complain about the inefficient service and repetitive menu. With its additional seating and staff, the kitchen now pays attention to the order in which dishes arrive, and the menu is regularly changed to reflect seasonal ingredients.

Kate Surala

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My menu  
Yaki Udon with shrimps                           €10
Sushi                           €7
Tea                           €1


Ginger’s fresh and tasty food will boost your energy
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