Sushi Centre: The devil is in the details

Work like a slave, eat like a king


It’s all about details. Sushi is like the Pointillism of food – the effect achieved by making fine movements and closely following painstaking, precise steps. Running a sushi restaurant is a tricky business; the food is so simple that the difference could be measured in tiny percentage points. But what matters most are the ingredients. Sushi Centre, a takeaway establishment at the heart of the Markt, will make your mouth water as you wait for your delicious, intricate pieces of sushi. The chefs carefully inspect each and every creation before it leaves the kitchen to ensure the highest quality.

Scrolling through the enormous range on Sushi Centre’s website, I give in to the temptation to experiment. I order Cocos Uramaki (8 pieces) from the vegetarian selection and – to be on the safe side – my favourite Sake Menu (20 pieces). You might be wondering, how is she going to eat all of that? That’s my first thought, too, when the enormous package arrives within the hour – thankfully sushi is eaten cold – with the largest sushi I’ve ever seen. Tasting the coconut uramaki, filled with sweet egg, cucumber, rocket and coconut powder, I can’t help but feel puzzled about this untraditional dish. The rice is exactly how you want it to be; Sushi Centre outperforms in this respect. But the rocket makes me feel as though I’m eating salad rather than sushi – in my opinion, avocado would combine with the coconut much better. Moving on to the salmon nigiri, maki and sashimi, I’m pleased by the freshness and quality of the salmon, served over a mound of rice so light it seems not to exist. Excellent. Each piece is so big that it barely fits in your mouth. My sushi is accompanied by shaved carrot salad, soy sauce (two bottles are sorely insufficient) and a package of ginger which could be a bit fresher.

The meal was quite expensive, so I was lucky to discover a 10% discount on Facebook that is offered on an irregular basis. But it was worth it: the sushi was magnificent and of top quality.

Kate Surala 

->Sushi Centre, Hoenderstraat 13A,


My menu


Coconut uramaki (8p)


Sake menu (20p)





Sushi Centre: The devil is in the details
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Kate Surala
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