‘T Wycker Cabinet: ideal for day and night

Work like a slave, eat like a king


My day in ‘T Wycker Cabinet was one of utter perfection. And believe it or not, it had nothing to do with my mood or the sunny weather; instead it was the nice atmosphere, pleasant staff and delicious food served all day long. On the recommendation of some friends I decided to pay a visit to this classic bistro/bar in the heart of Wyck, sandwiched between the charming boutiques on the street leading to the train station.

‘T Wycker Cabinet opens at 10:00 with a wonderful breakfast platter consisting of a coffee of your choice, a glass of fresh juice, two slices of organic bread with Limburg oerham and young cheese, a croissant with jam and a boiled egg. Delightful! After all this you’ll have no other choice than to skip lunch, otherwise you’ll most certainly explode.

On another occasion I drop by for late afternoon tea and a cheese platter, with aged, soft, hard and blue cheeses in a variety of textures and flavours. Deciding to stay a little longer and turn our afternoon visit into dinner, we witness the change of atmosphere in this cosy restaurant: from a quiet, relaxing spot with the sunlight streaming in through the many windows, to a busy bar filled with the sound of conversation and the clinking of glasses and cutlery.

We order homemade vegetarian ravioli, filled with spinach and ricotta and sealed between two layers of perfectly thin pasta dough. The large, circular ravioli are served in a light butter and sage sauce with fresh Parmesan cheese. On the side is a large green salad and two fresh pieces of bread. The impression I’m left with is that ‘T Wycker Cabinet strives to make the dining experience as organic and fresh as possible. The young staff are efficient and pleasant, allowing us to split our ravioli into two servings so my partner and myself can both enjoy the dish. To cap off the evening, we sit on the outside terrace and drink Bombay Sapphire gin from a sapphire-coloured bottle bearing a picture of Queen Victoria, mixed with exclusive Syndrome tonic. Suffice it to say, ‘T Wycker Cabinet, I will be back.

Kate Surala

-> ‘T Wycker Cabinet, Wyckerbrugstraat 29b, www.wyckercabinet.nl/

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‘T Wycker Cabinet: ideal for day and night
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Kate Surala
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