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“When my money runs out, I always have part of the month left.” If this aphorism applies to you, then maybe it is time for you to install Spending Tracker. This app does exactly what the name suggests: it keeps track of what you spend.

On the homepage, you can see what you spent and received that month (or week, which can also be set as a preference). If you have set a budget for yourself, you can also see how much you have left. Birthday money from your grandmother or a visit to the hairdresser’s are easily added; click on income or expenses, enter the amount, and select a category. There are preprogrammed categories such as ‘groceries’, but you can also add your own.

Turn your smartphone on its side and you will see two diagrams. A line diagram shows you exactly what you have spent and received on which day. A pie chart provides insight into what you spend your money on.

You can create various accounts, so in addition your own cash book, you can also keep the accounts for your student society or student house.

Spending Tracker
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