Sipping a first-class coffee with a bike by your side

Work like a slave, eat like a king


Maastricht has been changing inevitably over the years due to different lifestyles, cultures and habits of international students coming here to study. To keep up motivation and excel at university, most students need to unwind in a relaxed environment with a cup of delicious coffee, homemade cake and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection. Since both my partner and myself are coffee addicts, we are heading to this unusual café and bike store and meet the passionate owners of Alley Cat Bikes and Coffee right in the historical centre of Maastricht near the Markt.
Having parked your bike inside and taken a seat on a wooden bench or chair, you will experience the delicious taste of a true coffee in a stylish cup bearing the name Alley Cat Bikes and Coffee.

To begin with, I inhale fully the aroma and sip my partner’s doppio (double espresso) full of the heavy, thick, smooth and bitter taste of caffeine. Although it is one of the most concentrated and strongest of coffee beverages, the friendly staff prepares the doppio in the correct way – refill the shot of espresso before preparing the second portion. I go with a café latte and original Oatly Swedish organic milk full of rapeseed and oats. Why is it so amazing? This product is loaded with a nutritional balance (protein, carbs, fibers, 1.5% fat, calcium and vitamins – D, Riboflavin and B12) that would make other substitutes for milk exceptionally jealous. In addition, Oatly is so different from a regular soy, rice or almond milk that it takes your everyday coffee experience to a different level.
Therefore, in my opinion, this coffee bar is a step ahead of Coffee Lovers or any other typical student coffee places in Maastricht.
In addition to our coffee we order a homemade Merry Berry yogurt mixed with jam, muesli, raspberries and blueberries. If you are not a coffee fanatic, you will find a range of soft drinks such as fresh mint tea, fritz Kola or Earth water displayed on the blackboard right behind the counter. 
The verdict is very simple: excellent coffee, friendly staff and great location for a relaxing study afternoon while guarding your bike from being stolen by rude thieves. But I am still wondering where the cats are.

Kate Surala

-> Alley Cat Bikes and Coffee, Hoenderstraat 15-17,

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Café Latte with Oatly milk


Merry Berry











Sipping a first-class coffee with a bike by your side
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