Playing table tennis in the SBE Bar


No, there have been no stories about students or employees drifting along the Tongersestraat after closing time. That is probably also due to the fact that the SBE Bar closes at 20:00hrs. The initiative for a faculty pub in the Kruithuis came from the students but the School of Business and Economics, caterer Albron and Facility Services fully support the plans. As yet the interior does not have an SBE feel to it. But that can still happen; it is a pilot for the time being, which will be evaluated before the summer.

The idea was first brought up in the faculty council but remained on the shelf for years. The thoughts behind the idea of one’s own pub – now only open on Tuesday afternoon – is that it could strengthen the feeling of being part of a community. And that is necessary. “Many students only come to the faculty because of the tutorials,” says Master’s student Jeroen Moonemans, also a member of the study committee. “Two hours later, they are gone. They have little connection with the UM. The bar can bring people together, different nationalities but also students from different departments such as Economics and Business Administration.”

The opening in April was a great success, says Moonemans. “The faculty has invested quite a bit of money and the student associations paid for the first round. Staff members who made an appearance were mainly those who are close to the students. One employee donated prize money for a table tennis table. The turnout was lower in the weeks after the opening. Together with the marketing department, we are going to think about some extra promotional activities.”

Playing table tennis in the SBE Bar
Students at the SBE bar
Loraine Bodewes
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