Teazone: adventure within your comfort zone

Work like a slave, eat like a king


Fine teas. Foreign cakes. Oriental design. Calming and attentive staff – visiting Teazone is an adventure in itself. Sit back and relax in one of the comfortable chairs or couches with your favourite tea, espresso or English scones with homemade jam and cream. Teazone is one of my favourite places in the tiny streets of the city centre of Maastricht. Your efforts in climbing the stairs will be generously rewarded by the sight of lifelike paintings with wild animals and glasswork, chandeliers and handcrafted furniture shipped from India. The curtains covering the wood-framed windows guarantee just enough light for you to read your exciting book or study your tutorial notes. Found a piece of art you like? Feel free to ask the friendly staff for the price.

With its broad assortment of fragrant coffee and fine teas, you can rest assured that at Teazone you’ll find the perfect flavour for you. After following the steps of the creative tool on Teazone’s website, I found the ideal tea for my taste – Sans Doute green tea with blueberries and blackcurrant. On the recommendation of the staff, we left the tea to infuse for three minutes. The subtle combination of flavours gave rise to the idea of having forbidden fruits in one’s mouth. Meanwhile, my partner went for the classic green tea Gunpowder AAA, which was served in a unique pot shaped like a cannon ball, with a fresh mint flavour. The price is very reasonable (€2.50) and the portion is measured in pots rather than cups. Still can’t get enough? At the register you buy a small package to fill those long evenings. And don’t forget to order one of the very fresh, tasty cakes that are made daily at Teazone. I would definitely recommend the gluten-free chocolate cake, with its smooth, not-too-sweet filling and crispy layer that nicely offsets the overall fluffy feeling of heaven. This is a must for me.

All in all, Teazone is the perfect hangout for friends, couples or study sessions. But don’t forget to plan your visit, since it can get very crowded in exam periods and on weekends. If the weather allows, definitely check out the roof terrace.

Kate Surala

->Teazone, Koestraat 9, www.teazone.nl


My menu


Sans Doute


Gunpowder AAA


Chocolate cake

€ 3.60





Teazone: adventure within your comfort zone
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Kate Surala
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