Library access restrictions


MAASTRICHT. Until 8 June only UM cardholders will be permitted to enter the University Library in the inner city. Students who don’t have a UM card can gain entry on presentation of their ID and certificate of registration. “We are working hard to guarantee that UM students have a study place during the exam period”, say the library staff on Facebook.

This is a turnaround compared to the policy of no access restrictions announced a few months ago. The Executive Board and the deans deemed that the library should be open to outsiders, although it is not, strictly speaking, a public library. Building manager Yvette Froeling understands the confusion. “We continued monitoring library use and saw last week that it was getting too crowded with non-UM visitors, especially secondary school pupils preparing for their exams. We also received many complaints from our own students. So yes, we made a quick decision to implement this rule.” Card inspectors will be stationed at the entrance from 8.30 to 5pm, including on weekends.

The reaction among students has been positive. According to Froeling, “they can find a study place quicker and it’s quieter than usual.” If the policy is successful, it will be repeated during the fifth block next year.

Library access restrictions