Perfect pizza starts with the crust – and Bancale 61 nails it


When it comes to pizza, everyone has an opinion. And with all those different preferences, discussions about pizza require the same level of delicacy as debates on politics or religion. Bancale 61, which opened recently in Scharn, not far from the Albert Heijn XXL, serves incredible pizzas: visually arresting and baked in a shallow-domed, wood-fired oven at 485°C for no more than 90 seconds. What’s more, this tiny takeaway pays the utmost attention to the correct preparation of its dough. Like that used for bread, it is soft and elastic, made from wheat flour and completely devoid of fats. I know of no other local pizzeria that goes to such lengths, and I’m guessing you won’t taste a crust like Bancale 61’s anywhere else. It had a delicious, uniform fluffiness, a cushiony yet chewy softness, with no big air pockets or blisters. And the owners really do use traditional Italian ingredients – proper parmesan cheese, fresh San Marzano tomatoes, Buffalo mozzarella from the Campania region and first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

I ordered one of the traditional pizzas: Pizza ai formaggi DOC e pomodorini ‘Spunzillo’, with yellow tomatoes, mozzarella, gorgonzola, Fontina cheese and flakes of parmesan. The crispy dough and the chewy, slightly wet cheese topping were heavenly, just as they were on a later visit when I tried the Margherita pizza with rocket and Parma ham; a great, balanced combination. I would have liked more shredded basil leaves to top it all off, but that’s just my personal bias talking, as I love fresh herbs on a pizza.

Given the small size of the restaurant, with its few seats made out of wooden transport boxes, the staff at Bancale 61 are very approachable and fast. It is run by a young couple who sounded confident about their menu and proud of their newly opened business, which is always a plus. In the heat of the excitement, they forgot to ask if we would like any drinks with our meal, although to be fair, they may have been under the impression we were only there to pick up a takeaway pizza.

The restaurant also sells Italian wines, which are on display in wooden boxes stacked against the left-hand wall. If you wish to hang around, be aware that you’ll be eating your pizza out of the cardboard box and chatting with the owners. It’s certainly worth the hike out to Scharn for the finest pizza in town, although not on Mondays when the place is closed. Check out Bancale 61’s website for the latest specials, such as pizza Burrata or ‘Spring in Limburg’.

Kate Surala 

->Bancale 61, Scharnerweg 61,

My menu


Pizza ai formaggi DOC e pomodorini


Margherita con crudo rucola balsamica & Parmigiano




Perfect pizza starts with the crust – and Bancale 61 nails it
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