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With the holidays almost upon us, people are divided into two camps. The ‘everything has to be arranged beforehand’ camp and the ‘spontaneity provides the best experiences’ camp. World Places could well be the perfect compromise for both parties. This app shows you within a few seconds where you can find the closest ATM, restaurant or chemist.

The app has two options: searching from your location or globally (for those who just can’t stop themselves from planning and want to know what the next city has to offer). If you search from your location, the app shows you everything in the neighbourhood, from places of interest to prayer houses. You can determine exactly how far ‘in the neighbourhood’ is. If you click on a location, you will receive more information, such as opening hours and website address. You can also read reviews written by others, especially useful for pubs and restaurants.

The biggest disadvantage of World Places is that the app requires an Internet connection. If there is no Wi-Fi in the area, data costs can run up considerably.

World Places
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