Every pancake has the right to a fair trial

Work like a slave, eat like a king


If you’re up for a challenge and want to compete with your friends over who can eat more fluffy pancakes, you might want to consider visiting Brasserie Pannenkoeken & Meer. Right in the heart of the Markt, this restaurant guarantees you the widest choice of pancakes with both sweet and salty toppings. Head over to the Brasserie on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for an all-you-can-eat pancake party. This spacious restaurant with its outdoor terrace looks more like a pub and is a great place to indulge your sweet tooth, with a delicious menu that includes 70 different fried pancakes but also a wide range of lunch dishes and entrees. Whether you’re looking for American-style pancakes topped with bacon and maple syrup or traditional crêpes, sweet or savoury, Brasserie Pannenkoeken & Meer has something for everyone. The lovely waiters walk you to your table and make sure you have everything you need. That said, the terrace can get noisy on weekends and it’s not the most pleasant view, right next to the Burger King. And the inside of the restaurant is too dark during the day, although it could have a quite romantic wooden ‘cellar’ feel by candlelight.

We started with the ‘Dutch’ variation on pancakes: sate chicken with fresh vegetables and lettuce. Although sate is Indonesian, it has become an integral part of Dutch cuisine. But to call it a Dutch pancake … I have my doubts. Still, I’ve never tasted a sate pancake before, so let’s judge it on its merits. I have four main criteria: flavour, fluffiness, moistness and flipability. The chicken was well-seasoned, served with a thick peanut sauce made of peanut butter, sweet soy sauce and Indonesian chilli sauce. The pancake was very fluffy – not too dense, yet quite filling – and, thanks to the sauce and crispy vegetables, far from dry. My partner’s chocolate and banana pancake met the same standards. Note to selves: be less greedy with the topping. Lastly, the texture was pleasantly solid, with just enough flour to ensure the batter was stable enough to flip the pancake without breaking.

Ultimately, whether a pancake comes with fruit or chocolate syrup, the lip-licking factor is crucial – you have to want more. Brasserie Pannenkoeken & Meer achieved the perfect balance between pancakes that are moist, hearty but also light in texture. The waiter announced plans for a redecoration and an expanded menu after the summer, so I definitely plan to return. Although there’s a big ‘if’ – the website states that the place is set to turn into a Burgerfabriek. A pity, but let’s wait and see.

Kate Surala

->Brasserie Pannenkoeken & Meer, Markt 70

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Chocolate pancake with bananas


Saté chicken pancake




Every pancake has the right to a fair trial
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