Culinary talents performing wonders in Talentino

Work like a slave, eat like a king


Talentino is just one of many restaurants in Maastricht serving delicious lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. However, there is a difference – what sets this restaurant apart is its mission to provide real-world job experience and long-term employment options for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The staff are extremely welcoming and friendly. The interior can be compared to an old monastery, with high ceilings, massive wooden furniture and pictures hanging in the hallway. The charming garden is dotted with colourful tables and its separation from the Grote Gracht, where you enter the restaurant, makes it very cosy.

The menu reads like a newspaper, and eventually we opted for the June menu, consisting of three courses and an additional entrée. The entrée was served on two small spoons with prosciutto ham and garnish rolled in a light, crispy wrap. My favourite was the salad starter, decorated with Heuvelland ham roses and asparagus with a light mustard dressing from Limburg. The salad was fresh and crispy, but unfortunately contained little pieces of my not-so-favourite red onion. The main course exceeded my expectations: although we were not asked how we wanted it cooked, the fillet steak came medium rare, perfectly tender and presented nicely with calvados sauce, asparagus and three half potatoes. The sauce dominated the dish, taking the flavour to a completely different level when you dipped your fries or steak in it – clarity, purity, tart citrus, cinnamon spice and earthiness. The only distraction from the delicious steak was the fact that the main course had too many side dishes: French fries, small fresh salad and potatoes. The signature Talentino dessert contained a little bit of everything – chocolate mousse, Crème brûlée and panna cotta – each scooped into a tiny glass on a bigger plate, signed with a strawberry sauce and decorated with fresh strawberries on the sides. The fluffiness of the mousse and panna cotta contrasted nicely with that magic ‘click’ on the Crème brûlée.  

All in all, Talentino is a wonderful place for a date or a special occasion with your friends or family. You could easily share the June menu, as the portions are enormous. Be sure to be patient and kind to the staff, and book your table in advance – it can get very packed.

Kate Surala

->Talentino, Grote Gracht 74,


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June menu


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Culinary talents performing wonders in Talentino
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