EasyJet pilots strike in Amsterdam, but most flights unaffected


THE NETHERLANDS. EasyJet pilots who are based at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport went on strike on Tuesday in support of their demands for better working conditions.

The strike is set to run from 6am to 2pm and was called by the Dutch pilots union VNV. It says the EasyJet pilots have too many flying hours for their salary and is also unsatisfied about sick pay provisions.

On Monday, the budget airline was accused of escalating the dispute by hiring foreign crews to get around the strike but the company has refused to comment on the report. A spokesman did say the company would do ‘all it could’ to make sure the 23 scheduled flights go ahead.

According to the departure information provided by Schiphol airport, most of the early morning flights left on time. EasyJet flies to some 40 destinations from Schiphol and has several aircraft permanently based in the Netherlands.

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