Time to take (a) Time Out

Work like a slave, eat like a king


What you probably didn’t know about me: I worked as an aerobics instructor for UM Sports in the past. So I was extremely curious to see the new sports facilities and try out the ‘Butt Belly Thighs’ group training, as well as recharging some energy in the newly opened Time Out Sports bar, where you can eat and drink at student-friendly prices. After finishing my workout, I sit down with a feeling of euphoria on the nice terrace with a couple of tables hidden under big umbrellas and feel the fresh summer air flow through my lungs, and I crave a cold drink.

Having sat for some time reading through my master’s thesis, I realise that Time Out is most likely a self-service/ask-yourself place. We quickly approach the young waitress and order fresh homemade lemonade with lemons and oranges, as is displayed on the bar in a giant jar, we also order cold penne with tuna and Asian noodles. The waitress arrives with the complete order rather than having served the cold drinks first in the absolutely boiling weather. My drink did not contain any lemons, oranges, or mint leaves. More serious problems came with the main course (it was very hard to find something on the menu that sounded interesting or appealing among the bread, pasta or yoghurt dishes).

The canned tuna was literally swimming in a sea of thick, oily sauce in between the cold penne mixed with green beans and smashed tomatoes. Was the pasta prepared some days ago and only taken out of the fridge when we arrived? Who knows, but I’m not keen to try it again.
Unfortunately, I doubt whether the statement ‘trendy, delicious and healthy’ is really what Time Out stands for. The noodles with chicken, shrimps and vegetables were slightly better, but still represented a very cheap-inexperienced-student-cooking style. The noodles were of the same quality as the pasta dish, the vegetables being chewy rather than crispy, the dish as a whole missing the necessary elements of energy in the form of good proteins and carbs. If you’re thinking of venturing into Time Out anyway and ordering something relatively healthy and straightforward, like quinoa or couscous (how could that go wrong?), hear this: you would be better off buying one of the salads or premade pastas from Albert Heijn and take it with you to UM Sports.

Moreover, I would definitely recommend Time Out’s staff to take a risk and improvise with the menu and exchange those ‘regular’ dishes for something more exotic. Otherwise, I see the newly established, very ambitious gym bar taking the same road as the library food corner.

Kate Surala

-> Time Out, P. Debyeplein 15, http://time-out.online/


My menu


Penne tuna


Fresh lemonade

€1.50 small/ 1.95 (large)

Noodles with chicken, shrimps and vegetables






Time to take (a) Time Out
Author: Wendy Degens
Kate Surala
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