Disco room for a "nerd"

Interview with freshmen


Name: Arthur Graton

Nationality: Belgian

Age: 19

Study: Data Science & Knowledge Engineering

Time & place: Wednesday, 15.30 hrs., Stadspark

Have you already suffered your first hangover? “No. I do drink, but I never get drunk. It’s a bit difficult at parties sometimes, so I always tend to leave those a bit earlier. By the way; I’m a bit of a nerd, so parties aren’t really my thing.”

On a scale from one to ten, how clean is your house? (1= super gross, 10 = spanking clean) “I’d give my house a 5. Oh… well… Actually no. I’d give it a 4. Why? It’s a bit of an old building, with some cracks in the walls. Besides, I’m rather bad at keeping my room clean. You can already barely see the floor. Also the bins are full, and the hallway is packed with Ikea-boxes.”

Which factor sunscreen do you have? “None at all, which isn’t that smart. I might get sunburn quite soon.

Is there anything you’ve forgotten to bring from home this week? Sunscreen for instance? “Haha. I heard this place isn’t always this sunny, so I wouldn’t put sunscreen on that list. I really need a juicer, and I should have brought curtains. I live near a junction, and at night my room almost looks like a disco, thanks to the traffic lights.”

Disco room for a
Athur Graton