“A ballerina who literally rises to great heights”

PAS+: three evenings of science, theatre, music and art, 8, 9 and 10 September


Just one more week to go until PAS+ kicks off. The three-day Parcours of Art and Science, in which UM shows off all it has to offer, is slated to be the highlight of the university’s 40th anniversary.

Among the circus artists who will make an appearance is Leila Köckenberger, originally from Berlin. She will perform her act Broken ballerina: a dance in the air one to two times a day in the garden of the Bouillonstraat. “A wild lady with the flexible body of a ballerina who literally rises to great heights”, according to the programme booklet. Köckenberger chuckles. “I’ve been doing acrobatics since I was seven. It runs in the family – my brother performs too, and my father is an organiser in the circus world.”

Besides acrobatics the audience will be able to choose from some sixty speakers, mainly UM researchers, who will have half an hour each in which to present their research. The topics range from child abuse, Alzheimer’s, and work stress to testosterone and financial decisions, smart labs, migration, and black soldiers as liberators.

Large stages will be installed in the courtyards of the Minderbroedersberg and the Student Services Centre for bands including Oghene Kologbo, Violons Barbares, Electrophonics, Negritos and (to bring PAS to a close) Orchestre International du Vetex.


PAS+ will be held on 8, 9 and 10 September. Where: between the Zwingelput, Kapoenstraat and Minderbroedersberg. For whom: everyone. Language: Dutch, English and Limburgish. Admission: free. Programme overview: in special programme booklet and at www.pasmaastricht.nl

“A ballerina who literally rises to great heights”
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