Half hour-holiday

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Favourite spot of: Sjoerd Willen, junior editor at Observant

“Sunset paints the sky in shades of red, orange, pink and blue. When you look over your shoulder, you notice that night has already fallen in the east. Right in front of you are rolling hills, adorned by grapevines, all neatly lined up. The lush green hill is crowned with a marlstone manor. After having scaled the literally breathtaking stairs near Fort Sint Pieter and having crossed the heath on the plateau, you will find this beautiful view from the north-west flank of the Sint Pietersberg.

Out of all the views you can have from uphill – you can basically overlook all of Maastricht – I like the one described above best. During summer, it always gives me the feeling that somehow I’m on holidays. I find it a great place to clear my head after a long day.  

Fortunately, I don’t live too far from the ‘mountain’, so I can regularly take a saunter there. I started doing so as part of my paper-writing routine, back when I was a student at the faculty of arts and social sciences. After having sat behind a desk for a couple of hours struggling with a writer’s block, and having downed way too much coffee,  a little leg-stretching was always more than welcome. Every time I walked back home, I knew what I was going to write as soon as I sat down again.

I recently picked up the habit of taking regular strolls there again. And still, I feel lighter when I return. As if I left all my dead weight there on the plateau. Yes, I really appreciate these half-hour holidays.”   

Half hour-holiday
Uitzicht op de Apostelhoeve vanaf de noordwestelijke flank van de Sint Pietersberg
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