Crowds gather in The Hague ahead of the annual budget presentation


THE NETHERLANDS. Royalty fans are lining the streets of The Hague on Tuesday morning, hoping to get a good view of the king and queen as they travel by horse-drawn coach to officially open the parliamentary year.

However, problems with the trains between Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague may cause difficulties for some people heading for the city by public transport.

This year king Willem-Alexander and queen Maxima will arrive at the parliamentary complex in a different coach. The golden coach is currently out of action while it undergoes a €1.2m repair programme.

Once at the Knights Hall, the king will read a speech from the throne outlining the government’s plans and priorities for the coming year. This is the last king’s speech before the general election in March 2017.

Many of the government’s plans have already been leaked. According to broadcaster NOS, the the king’s speech will focus on the sacrifices which have been made in the past few years to get the economy back on track.

RTL news commentator Frits Wester says the king’s speech is the government’s opportunity to lay bare its legacy ahead of the general election next year.

‘This government has had its day,’ he said. ‘There will be no new plans. It is all about their political legacy.’

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