Elsevier: Wageningen takes first place, Maastricht third


MAASTRICHT. In the latest Elsevier survey into the best studies in the Netherlands, Maastricht University takes third place in the category ‘specialist universities’. Wageningen is at the top of the list, followed by Tilburg, while Rotterdam ends up last.

Elsevier’s ranking is based on the answers given by students to a single question in the National Student Survey: how satisfied are the students in general about their study programme? They can give a mark between one and five. And so it appeared that twelve out of the nineteen Wageningen study programmes were highly appreciated by students. At the UM, this applied to five out of a total of sixteen study programmes. Three UM programmes received a negative judgment. These will be identified today, when the annual Elsevier special Best Studies is published, in which the magazine takes a closer look at such aspects as contact hours with lecturers, academic success rate and the number of men and women within the programmes.

In the ranking of general universities, Nijmegen is at the top of the list, with Utrecht in second place, and Leiden in third. Eindhoven University of Technology takes first place in the category Technical universities.

Elsevier also investigated where students were the least satisfied. This turns out to be at VU University Amsterdam, in the bachelor’s of Lifestyle Informatics, but also in Maastricht at the master’s programme of Human Movement Sciences.

Riki Janssen/HOP


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