UCM undisputed winner

Keuzegids made a mistake in University Colleges ranking


MAASTRICHT. Not a shared second place but undisputedly at the top. Like last year, University College Maastricht has the very best broad bachelor’s programme in the Netherlands. This is the outcome of the adapted Keuzegids 2017 ranking which was published yesterday. UCM received a final grade of 9.8 instead of 8.8, as was announced last week.

The mistake was revealed after protests from UC students, united in the national UCSRN (University College Student Representatives of the Netherlands). Last week, they wrote in a press release that the rankings “were full of factual inaccuracies”. The editors of the guide denied this, but they did admit that the performance of the University Colleges in Utrecht and Maastricht had not been measured accurately, because they constitute a single undivided course with another study programme (in Maastricht this is the Science Programme). The discussions that followed with the universities involved yielded new data regarding first-year dropout rates and student opinions.

For UCM, this makes a difference of one whole point, raising the final figure to 9.8, which means that Maastricht dethrones The Hague, an auxiliary branch of Leiden University. Number two – a shared place for The Hague and Utrecht – follows with 9.0. The other six UCs also did well. Just like Maastricht, Utrecht and The Hague were classified as ‘top programme’. This is the qualification for study programmes that score 7.8 or higher.



UCM undisputed winner