Ragweek for two regional charities


MAASTRICHT. Ragweek – from 8 to 15 March – will be raising money for two regional charities this year. Normally, the proceeds from the charity week go to one national and one regional charity. The board decided to take a different course this year. “We feel more involved with regional charities,” says PR official Nina Mille. “You know more about where the money is going and because the organisations are relatively small, they can do much more with it.”

This year’s charities are Stichting Buddyzorg Limburg, who offer support to people with serious illnesses and help those suffering from obesity to change their lifestyles, and Stichting Wensambulance Limburg, who fulfil wishes for seriously ill people. “With five thousand euro, they can organise twelve so-called wish days,” says Mille.

To collect money, student organisations set up various activities in Maastricht. They organise such things as a Missing Treasure Hunt in The Innbetween, a karaoke for songbirds, and a lottery during the Cheers for Charity Night by Ouranos. Those who would like to indulge, can fill themselves with waffles sold by UniPartners all week, mashed dishes by Lagakari, or the traditional 'beschuit met muisjes', (rusks with tiny coloured sweets) by midwifery association Hera.

The Ragweek board themselves will also organise a few activities. Like every year, there is an opening party, but this year there will also be a Movie Night in Pathé, where Fifty Shades Darker will be shown and guests will receive a bite and a drink beforehand – and a final cantus in D’n Hiemel.

For the full programme, see www.ragweekmaastricht.nl