Maastricht 6th-best young university worldwide


MAASTRICHT/BRISBANE. Maastricht University (UM) has dropped two places - from fourth to sixth - in the Young University Rankings for best young universities in the world. This has put the UM back in the same place as in 2015. The rankings were published yesterday during the Young Universities Summit in Brisbane, Australia. The Maastricht Executive President was to give a lecture there.

 “The Netherlands has just one institution in the list of the world’s best young universities but it is a leading performer; Maastricht University takes sixth place”, says Phil Baty, the editor of the Times Higher Education rankings. “However, despite an improved overall score, the institution’s score for industry income has declined since last year, resulting in it dropping from fourth place in the table.”

The list of two hundred universities not older than fifty years (until 2016, known as the Times Higher Education 150 Under 50) is headed by the Swiss École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne for the third year in a row. Asia does very well, with five institutes in the top ten. The ranking for the youngsters, published for the sixth time, is based on the same performance indicators in areas such as education, research, and internationalisation as the flagship THE World University Rankings. Except for one point: reputation is a little less important.

Maastricht 6th-best young university worldwide