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MAASTRICHT. New students who are unsure as to whether they will be able to find a room in Maastricht on time, may - as a one-off - use the so-called 'room guarantee arrangement'. The action is an initiative of the Executive Board. Two-hundred-and-fifty rooms have been reserved at the Guesthouse between 15 April and 15 June.

“The aim of the arrangement is to highlight the relatively strong position of the accommodation market in Maastricht for upcoming students,” says Maurice Evers, managing director of Student & Staff Housing. “Compared to the universities in the Randstad and many foreign universities, Maastricht does not suffer from scarcity on the accommodation market.” So there is not a problem where student housing is concerned, but the UM still wants to provide a guarantee service; that sounds contradictory. Evers: “This arrangement is an extra. For students who are still quite uncertain, such as non-European students who have little time to orientate themselves during the summer. But the most important message is: if you start looking on time, you will most certainly find a suitable room.”

The offer runs until 15 June. Only students who pay their tuition fees using Studielink (this offers the security that the student is really coming) are eligible. The offer gives a choice between two rooms: a cheaper and a more expensive one. The offer stands for five days, starting when the student makes an application. Moreover, students using the arrangement will not pay more tuition fees, they merely sort out the payment sooner.

Evers expects 250 rooms to be sufficient. “We are working on the basis that Dutch, German and Belgian students will not make use of the offer.” The rooms in the Guesthouse may be rented for a maximum of twelve months.

Author: Wendy Degens
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