Dope is the largest student party again


MAASTRICHT. With a total of 23 seats - spread out over various councils - Dope is again the largest student party in Maastricht, while Novum, with fourteen seats, takes second place. The new party WE R SBE acquired two seats in the School of Business and Economics council, but was left empty-handed when it comes to the University Council. The seats in the latter will be divided up between Dope (six) and Novum (three).

The turnout figures of students in the latest university elections were between 23 (for the University Council) and 35 per cent (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences). The difference with last year is not significant. In Tilburg and Delft, enthusiasm was much greater, with approximately 45 per cent. In Amsterdam, a mere 20 per cent made it to the polling booth. At the bottom of the list was Erasmus University in Rotterdam, with a turnout of 10.3 per cent.

For the first time in quite a while, four (of the five) places for academic staff at the Faculty of Law are occupied again. For the past ten years, since professors Hartlief and Verhey left in the spring of 2006, because they were dissatisfied with the direction in which the board was heading, the seats often remained empty. The fact that interest was so low – as was said in Observant at the time – had to do with teaching obligations, research projects, the completion of PhD theses, and expiring contracts.

The number of candidates for most of the administrative and support staff places was not overwhelming: in five instances (Law, FASoS, Psychology and Neurosciences, Humanities and Sciences, SBE), the number of candidates was equal to the number of seats.

Author: Riki Janssen
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