New city, new haircut

Meet the new freshmen


She has changed her haircut just before coming to Maastricht. “It has been pretty much every color of the rainbow but this is my original color. I‘m starting to appreciate it”, laughs Lucia Rosero (19) from Ashville, North Carolina (USA). She is standing with her brand new Inkom group under the trees of the garden of the Tongersestraat 53. “I wanted to become a ‘new’ person, making a fresh start in Maastricht.”

She is half Dutch (“my mother is from Amsterdam”), half Columbian, and is raised in the United States. “I like Ashville, it’s good to grow up and to come back. But for now I wanted to leave America and broaden my view.  I wasn’t in for the campus life. Here I found my own place, I have to cook for myself, I’m riding  a bike instead of driving  my car. And it feels good not being the only foreigner anymore in my hometown.”

“I have chosen for University College Maastricht because they have a very broad program. I have a lot of interests, so it’s perfect for me.” And what about the Dutch language skills: “Ik spreek ook Nederlands”, she laughs with an American accent.

New city, new haircut
Lucia Rosero
Author: Riki Janssen
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