Bouncing through the Stadspark

Festival at the Stadspark


MAASTRICHT. You could make your way through the Stadspark bouncing, Tuesday afternoon at the Festival. Avoiding spinning beams, playing a game of volleyball or just lazily enjoying the sun: it can all be done on a bouncing castle. What else is going on? Dancing on the tunes of Accent, the house band of student association Circumflex. For the gentlemen: having your beard trimmed at the barber’s shop – only six vouchers. Eating a bag of fries or maybe rather a poke bowl at one of the food trucks. Or just chatting with your new friends while sitting on the grass. That is, if you know where they are. “How will we ever find our group”, exclaims a girl to her friend when she enters the park and sees the crowd.

Bouncing through the Stadspark
Author: Cleo Freriks
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Tags: inkom2017

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