“Finnish people never get hangovers”

Meet the freshmen


Pietari Pitzen (21), from Finland, lost track of his Inkom group. “We had a party in the Mecc yesterday, called Legends of Tomorrow”, says Pitzen at the Picnic on Wednesday afternoon. “I guess that my group stayed in bed with a hangover. Finnish people never get hangovers. We exercise a lot and get used to it. The government discourages alcohol and exactly that is the reason why so many Fins drink. Although a beer is four times as expensive as in Holland. In a fancy restaurant, nothing special, you pay 9 euros for one glass.”

Pitzen, student at the School of Business and Economics, shares a flat with one fellow student. “We arranged this in Finland, the flat was a mess when we arrived here. We had to clean up the whole place. But it’s great nevertheless: 60 square meters and it’s situated… ehm… let me check on my phone. Here!”

The neighbourhood is called: Witte Vrouwenveld.

Expensive? “Well, not really: 890 euros per month. Not too bad for two people, I think.”

“Finnish people never get hangovers”
Pietari Pitzen, first-year SBE
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