Looking at art and collecting ball

Cultifest at Bonnefanten


A lot of students are sporting unique linen bags at Cultifest, held Wednesday night at the Bonnefantenmuseum. They have painted them themselves at one of the many activities going on in and around the building. Inspiration can be found at the Raymond Pettibon exhibition – A pen of all work – or the regular collection that are open to the students. Who wishes to know more can join one of the guided tours.

In addition to looking at art, you can also listen to it. Inside, a soprano from Opera Zuid sings arias and outside a gospel choir, rappers, a drum band and the Tuna take turns entertaining the crowds. Laughter comes from one of the room upstairs. The actors of student theater association Alles is Drama are showing off their improvisation skills.

If you’re tired of art and in the mood for something more student-like, you can go to the ground floor. Two students are lying flat on their belly on a wooden board with wheels underneath. Two others hold their legs and stir them around the flour, where colored balls lay. The aim is to use a bucket to collect more balls than the other contestants within one minute. As usual, Bachelors’ wives and maidens’ children are well taught. “They should hold the bucket in one hand and throw in the balls with the other”, says a spectator to his friend. But when asked if he would want to have a go, he politely declines.

Looking at art and collecting ball
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