Psychology students and board clash about switching tutorial groups


MAASTRICHT. Psychology students do not agree with the measure taken by the Faculty Board to prohibit students from joining a different tutorial group. The student fraction brought the issue up during the latest faculty council meeting.

Since the beginning of this academic year, students are no longer allowed to swap tutorial groups, not even for a single meeting. It is the latter that students have a problem with. Those who, for example because of a doctor's appointment in the morning, cannot attend their own tutorial group meeting, would like to make up for that by joining another tutorial group in the afternoon. Per block, students are allowed to miss only one tutorial group meeting. Those who are absent more often, can only fulfil the compulsory attendance by carrying out an additional assignment.

There were two reasons why the board decided on this measure, explains Carolien Martijn, member formerly responsible for education. “Firstly, we have set up the tutorial groups in such a way that there is a good mix of men, women and nationalities. In the past, students complained that if the group consisted largely of Germans, they would tend to speak German. Secondly, it is fairly difficult to enter changes in the software that we use. On average, it takes half an hour per request and we receive hundreds of requests.”

The students emphasise that they are talking about the one-off swaps. Also, this is about motivated students who want to swap because they want to attend all tutorial meetings. Martijn: "It would indeed be a shame to discourage them.” The board will discuss the problem with the education management team.

Psychology students and board clash about switching tutorial groups