Law faculty wants additional building on the Kapoenstraat


MAASTRICHT. With the departure of the Science Program to Tapijn in September 2019, their building on Kapoenstraat 2, to the rear of the Faculty of Law, will become vacant and most likely taken over by the jurists. “We are at the stage of showing serious interest,” was the reaction given by Marlies van Dongen, director of the law faculty.

“We have been trying to find additional office space and classrooms since the middle of 2016 and this seems like the most realistic option within not too long a period,” says director Van Dongen. The former provincial government building on the Bouillonstraat is too small to cope with the continued growth of the faculty; employees are already based in other UM buildings, such as Tongersestraat 6. But finding lecture halls is hard too. We have been using the Pathé cinema and Stayokay hotel.
It is not just the Science Program that will go to Tapijn in the so-called ‘first phase’ in September 2019. The School of Business and Economics, as well as the university library, will have rooms in the square barracks unit, the main building surrounding the former drill area.
Kapoenstraat 2, the previous faculty location of Arts and Social Sciences, was extensively renovated in 2007. For some time after that, it was home to the School of Governance. They subsequently left and went to UNU-Merit on the Boschstraat, after which the Science Program took over the Kapoenstraat.