UM Star Lectures


MAASTRICHT. Thirteen cities, four countries and 900 alumni. In order to maintain the relationship with former students, Maastricht University (UM) will organize the fourth annual UM Star Lectures on 1 February.

“The lectures are a way of (re)connecting with our alumni. ‘Once a UM-student, always a UM-student’. That is the feeling we want to spread. This contact is very important: they are our tentacles in society. For example: they can tell us for example whether our study programs provide a good match with the labor market. For alumni the event is an opportunity to expand their network and to share their experiences with likeminded”, says Charlotte Groven, communications officer Development & Alumni Relations.

The lectures will be organized simultaneously to create a buzz, Groven explains. “The idea that 900 other former UM-students are listening to UM lectures in twelve other cities creates a group feeling.”

Especially the lectures of professors Rob Markus in Utrecht about the effect of nutrition on stress and Martin Wetzels in Cologne about digital marketing are popular, says Groven. 

UM Star Lectures