A lounge for SBE lecturers


The students have had one for quite some time. Then the lecturers from the School of Business and Economics thought: we want one too! Sometimes life is just that simple. By now the lecturers’ lounge - on the ground floor, near the restaurant - is a fact. Elegant sofas, stylish gold-coloured lamps and an enormous TV screen. Anyone who teaches, can have lunch here, drink coffee, have a meeting, (or watch the Olympic ice-skating, as was the case last week).

Students are often only at the faculty two hours a day, whereas lecturers spend whole days there. So why shouldn't we have our own lounge, argues assistant professor Annelies Renders. Together with professor Caroline Goukens she took the initiative. “Besides you can meet lecturers from other departments here, which strengthens the community feeling.”

It wasn't very busy until last week, but the reason was self-evident: the coffee machine hadn't arrived yet. There was an unsightly ‘little grinder’, but that was nothing to write home about. In the meantime, a brand-new machine has been installed (with good coffee) and around lunchtime there are no spaces left.

The first concept of the lounge concerned a glass annex in the courtyard, but that wasn't feasible because of a preservation order on the building. This is not the first time, however, that SBE boasts a lecturers’ lounge. There used to be one in exactly the same place, and the most recent was in the building on the Tongersestraat 49. “That didn't work at all,” says Renders. “Not so strange, if you first have to leave the main building and go outside.”

A lounge for SBE lecturers
Lecturers’ lounge at SBE