A letter


Coming home after grocery shopping, I realize I haven’t opened my letterbox in a few days. I’m not expecting much, aside from some adverts, one or two bills maybe. With my groceries under my arms, I slowly open the box. But as I pull out a bunch of papers, I see I got lucky today. I’ve been sent a letter. From a friend, maybe, or a relative. A real letter – it’s a rare thing these days.

As fast as I can I run up the two floors to my room, almost dropping my groceries, but I don’t care. I’m too excited to open the letter. I’m curious about what’s inside – I want to tear the envelope apart as soon as possible – but I decide to make some tea first. That is the best thing there is: reading a letter with a cup of tea. As soon as it’s ready, I sit down in my most comfortable chair, open the envelope and start reading. I still don’t know who it’s from; there’s no name on the envelope except mine. I’m as excited as a child in a candy shop.

It turns out to be one of my dearest friends, writing to tell me she’s proud of me. My heart warms as I read. I’m so glad to know her. I’m so glad to have received this letter.

The rest of the day I feel happy whenever I look at the letter now lying on my desk. I haven’t thought about what I want to write back, but I’m sure I will. Because in the time of WhatsApp and Facebook, we don’t write enough letters anymore. Letters that put a smile on someone’s face and make their day a little more enjoyable. So, dearest readers, get out there, buy that card, buy some stamps, write that letter! And make that special someone happy for a moment. You don’t need a reason to write. A little ‘hello’ is enough, a little ‘I like you’ sufficient.           

Jo Haas, second-year student of Health Sciences

A letter
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