New Party M:OED earns two seats in city council


MAASTRICHT. M:OED (MAASTRICHT: Open Honest Democratic), the new party in Maastricht which mainly concentrates on the interests of students and entrepreneurs, has earned two seats in the city council in the local elections last Wednesday. The turnout in Maastricht was a little higher this year (48.1 per cent) than in 2014 (46.9 per cent).

“As a new party we can be very content with two seats”, says Martin van Rooij, number four on the list. “We have acquired over 2800 votes. Those are not just friends and family. We are very proud that so many people have given us their trust.” The seats are for party leader Alexander Lurvink and number three on the list Simona Maassen, who got 806 and 600 votes respectively. Maassen got 438 more votes than the number two and therefore she surpasses him.

The Christian Democrats got the most votes in Maastricht. “I think that’s a party we can cooperate with”, says Van Rooij. He rules out collaboration with right-winged PVV, which also got two seats out of nowhere. “We haven’t seen them during the campaign and then you can only assume that they will do what they are told by their national board.”

New Party M:OED earns two seats in city council
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