Psychology awarding grants again


MAASTRICHT. The Faculty of Psychology and Neurosciences is going to award seven scholarships annually to bachelor's students. Three of those will be for Dutch students, three for students from within the EU and one for a student from outside the EU. They will either be exempt from paying tuition fees for three years or will be reimbursed.

FPN abolished the grants in 2017, because they were often not awarded. Students were unaware of their existence, the procedure was complicated, and involved a lot of administrative red tape. It was decided not to award the grants for one year while working on an easier procedure. The proposal for the latter has now been completed.

The students will go through the regular selection process in order to be admitted to a bachelor's programme. Anyone who feels that they might be eligible for a scholarship is asked to explain why in a letter. For foreign students, the condition applies that only those who come from a country in which the average income is considerably lower than in the Netherlands, may apply. A pre-selection will take place based on the motivational letter; the final decision is taken on the basis of the applicant’s results in the regular selection procedure.

Ideally, the students won't need to pay tuition fees, which takes less time than reimbursing them. The faculty is looking into whether this is also legally feasible. If it is possible – the selection procedure for 2018/2019 is already underway – the grants will be awarded for the first time again next academic year. “But only if all is well, otherwise I would prefer to wait another year,” said Michael Capalbo, one of the authors of the proposal, during the last Faculty Council meeting.

Author: Cleo Freriks
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