Minimum of €15,000 for Refugee Project Maastricht


MAASTRICHT. Ten thousand yellow plastic ducks floated along the Jeker in the Stadspark during the annual Duck Race last Sunday, which was opened by André Rieu. For the first time in history, all ducks – the proceeds of which go to two different charities every year – were sold. The Refugee Project Maastricht by the University Chaplaincy The InnBetween and Maastricht University was one of the charities.

“More than three thousand ducks were sold through our own link. They were €5 each, so €15,000 will go straight to the Refugee Project,” says Charlotte Groven from the University Fund. “Nothing can be said yet about the final amount.” Profits from the food and drinks sold on the day are not known yet, just like the amount that has come in through the general Duck Race website and the money that was collected with a separate Duck Race for businesses. “We expect to see a considerable amount added,” said Groven.

The second charity of the race, the Animal’s Faith foundation, itself sold approximately 1,750 ducks and in doing so collected almost €9,000, says Robin In de Braekt from Animal’s Faith. This amount will also increase. 

Minimum of €15,000 for Refugee Project Maastricht