Inkom 2018 artists: Maastricht talent kicks off on the Markt, Partysquad provides the closing act


MAASTRICHT. It will be 'Helemaal naar de klote' and 'rampeneren' to the beat during the 2018 Inkom. Partysquad will perform as the final act for Inkom 2018 in the MECC. This was announced last Thursday and met with loud applause in the Kruithuis at the School of Business and Economics. Furthermore, Inkom is more sustainable than ever this year and mentors will not just be association members.

The kick-off event on the Markt on Monday will feature former Circumflex chairman Floris van den Dungen, better known as DJ Tjukster, and his colleague MC Hanzie. Maastricht superstar Fabrizio - who has been the opening act on a number of occasions - is on holiday during the Inkom week this year. The very experienced Jody Bernal - a former singer who turned DJ, and DJ Paul Elstak will perform during the party in the MECC on Tuesday.

The programme has remained largely intact, but minor changes were introduced. For example, the organisers have actively looked for mentors who were not members of associations. “For participants who have no affinity with associations,” says chairperson Mauk van Bergen. “Participants as well as mentors fill out a questionnaire beforehand and we try to create the best possible match.”

WGI deliberately selected two events to celebrate together with the city: the kick-off event on the Markt and the Night at the Museum in the Bonnefanten Museum. Extra effort was also put into eliminating minor irritations. “Last year, for example, the coin machines didn't work properly if they were even slightly out of plumb. That is not handy to have in the Stadspark. This year, we have reintroduced debit cards that people can charge using Ideal. That should prevent long queues.”

Lastly, this edition of Inkom will be a lot more sustainable than previous years. “That is something we really wanted to achieve, but we didn't quite know where to start,” says Van Bergen. “That is why we worked together with the GreenKey eco-label – they have all kinds of guidelines and recommendations.” A random selection of the measures: all printed matter has the FSC label, the Inkom shirts have been manufactured sustainably and the Wednesday has been renamed Awareness Wednesday. That day, only vegetarian food will be served.

Cleo Freriks and Yuri Meesen

Inkom 2018 artists: Maastricht talent kicks off on the Markt, Partysquad provides the closing act
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