“Just cut it out in the editing”

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MAASTRICHT. Two microphones and a recording device are set up in a corner of the Kruithuis at the School of Business and Economics on this warm Thursday afternoon. The recording of an episode of Maastricht Cultured is about to start. It’s one of the podcast series on the new Student Radio Maastricht platform.

Student Radio Maastricht is an idea by Florian Bohr, student of the research master's of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience. “I was already really into podcasts before I came to Maastricht. It’s more experimental and more focused than radio. You choose what you want to listen to and there are so many different topics that it’s easy to find your niche. I looked for a Maastricht student podcast but discovered there wasn’t a platform yet. I proposed the idea of starting one on the Sharing is Caring Facebook page and got a lot of positive responses.”

Nine months later, Student Radio Maastricht is a foundation with four team members who help students that want to record a podcast. “They have the ideas, we help them manage the formalities,” says Shahd Eldegwy, second-year student of European Law and content manager at SRM. “We create a timeline, teach them how to operate the recording equipment and give feedback. Ruby, our producer, supervises the final editing.” “We hope to find a recording studio soon, because recording in offices and bedrooms is not ideal,” says Bohr.

The topics that students have suggested so far, have been really diverse. “For instance, two UCM students want to ask professors with different fields of expertise about the big questions in life, such as ‘what is love?’”, tells Anastasia Nosal, first-year student of Arts and Culture and also content manager. “They want to see how their answers differ based on their different backgrounds.” Another series is Maastricht Musings, in which a student talks about his or her bachelor thesis. “You put a lot of work into that, but hardly anyone will read it,” says Bohr. “Which is a shame, because especially when someone has researched a very specific topic, the student becomes the expert.”

And then there is Maastricht Cultured, described by creator and Mental Health student Lotte van Wageningen as a series in which creative minds shaping Maastricht's diverse cultural scene have their say. She and her guest of today, Rahi Modirnia, chairperson of Stadsnomade, have settled in the corner of the Kruithuis. Bohr checks the sound, Modirnia asks what the correct distance between him and the microphone is and then they’re off.

For about forty minutes, they talk about the pop-up skate cafés that Stadsnomade organizes, their skateboard and creative workshops for children, the student parties they hold, and their plans for the future. After the last ‘thank you for coming’, everyone – the whole SRM team being present – starts clapping. “It’s a wrap”, Bohr says. Van Wageningen thumbs her arms triumphantly in the air, only to immediately apologize to Modirnia for mispronouncing his first name at the beginning. “I was so nervous.” “No problem”, he grins. “Just cut it out in the editing.”

To listen to the interview with Stadsnomade or other podcasts mentioned, check: https://soundcloud.com/studentradiomaastricht

“Just cut it out in the editing”
Rahi Modirnia (left) and Lotte van Wageningen
Author: Cleo Freriks
Student Radio Maastricht
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