Five Vidi grants for Maastricht


MAASTRICHT. It doesn't happen very often, but the majority of the five Vidi subsidies from research financer NWO will go to the city centre: two to the School of Business and Economics (Annelies Renders, Caroline Goukens) and one to Arts and Social Sciences (Tamar Sharon). Two will go to the other side of the Maas, to the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (Judith Sluimer, Bart Rutten).

With a Vidi subsidy – 800 thousand euro - experienced researchers are given five years to set up their own research group. This grant, together with the Veni and Vici variants, are part of the Innovation Impulse.

NWO honoured 86 applications (15 per cent) of the 571 that were entered. Nijmegen beats the lot with fourteen grants.

Five Vidi grants for Maastricht
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