That one topic


There’s this one topic I don’t like to talk about. Okay, there are more, but this particular topic seems so boring and unnecessary that I avoid talking about it whenever I can. Except for today. Today I want to talk about that one subject that drives me crazy: the weather.

You know those people who constantly tell you, “Oh, look, it’s sunny!”? Yes, I, too, have eyes in my head and can see the sun shining. “Oh, look, it’s raining.” Yes, I’ve just cycling through it. And, of course, my personal favourite: “Gosh, it’s boiling today.” Hello? You were begging for sun the past few weeks, and now it’s finally here you start complaining?

There is almost nothing more useless – besides, say, empty ballpoints – than talking about the weather where you are right now. That said, talking about the weather in northern Norway while being in Maastricht is something else. Norway is always a good thing to talk about. Still. It’s pretty useless, if we’re honest.

Why is talking about the weather so pointless? Because the person you’re talking to can see the sun, too. They can see the rain. They can feel the heat. Because talking about the weather is just wasting your time. And maybe, because I hate small talk. I’m not good at it, but it’s something you can learn, they say – although that’s a whole different story. My point is that when we talk about the weather, we lack depth in our conversation. We can make so many memories with a good conversation. We can learn so much just by talking to one another. We can teach each other new things by simply talking about them. And we can feel so much from just a few words.

Luckily, it’s that time of the year again. Summer. The time to travel, connect with other cultures, get in touch with different people. And talk. Talk a lot. With strangers who might become friends. But please, don’t talk about the weather – talk about the important stuff.

Jo Haas, second-year student of Health Sciences

That one topic
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