Dancing next to the paintings

Inkom 2018


“This is, like, classism or something?” Some students can talk more knowledgeable about the art in the Bonnefanten Museum than others, but talk about it they do. It’s Night at the Museum on the third day of the Inkom and all around the Bonnefanten exhibition halls, you can hear chatter about compositions, light, the use of colour and what exactly that blob of white symbolizes.

Lots of laughter is coming from a side room on the ground floor where Code 043 has organized a Hungry Hippo’s game. The aim is to collect as many colourful balls as possible in a rather unusual way. One student is lying belly-down on a skateboard, another one takes his/her legs and steers them around the playing field. The student that is lying down has a bucket that he uses as a gripping machine to collect the balls. Four teams compete against each other while being cheered on by their friends.

Those who are more in the mood for music can relax on the bean bags inside while listening to pianist Eline or dance outside to the beats of drum band Volle Petaj. On the stairs, the Tuna, a group of students dressed up in traditional costumes who sing Spanish songs, entertain the people waiting to enter the silent disco in the museum’s tower. 

Dancing next to the paintings
Taking the 'recognise the actor' quiz at the Bonnefanten