Sustainable Employability Monitor participation rate so far: 43 %


MAASTRICHT. The UM Sustainable Employability Monitor went online on Monday, 24 September. After one and a half weeks, 43 per cent of the employees have completed the survey. The organisers had hoped beforehand for a response rate of 60 per cent. This appears not to be impossible with another week and a half to go.

Personal e-mails from the rector, posters hung up throughout the university, and a weekly update of the number of participants on the intranet, encouraging all again to complete the survey. HR director Antoon Vugts: “We need your honest opinion and promise to actively do something with the results.” The response rate of the previous survey was about 40 per cent. That survey dates from 2015 and was not, as is now the case, created by in-house UM experts.

The questions concern work pressure, the feeling of belonging (inclusivity), mobility, leadership, feeling safe, learning possibilities, career planning, vitality, how ‘family-friendly the UM is’, et cetera.

There are clear differences in participation rates in the various sections of the UM. University Library personnel (68 per cent) takes the lead, followed by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (67 per cent) and ICTS (64). Employees from the Randwijck faculties need to catch up if they want to reach those percentages. Psychology and Neurosciences get no further than 32 per cent, and Health Medicine and Life sciences is at 37 per cent.

The UM Sustainable Employability Monitor will remain online until Friday, 5 October.


Sustainable Employability Monitor participation rate so far: 43 %
Author: Riki Janssen


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