Response very low: 7,3 percent

UM Student Monitor 2017-2018


MAASTRICHT. More study spaces at the faculties, better information systems and better catering.  That is what Maastricht University needs to work on, according to the annual student monitor. On the other hand, students are satisfied with UM Sports and the Studium Generale programme.

Every year since 2001, around May, the UM sends a survey to students in order to determine their wishes and the level of satisfaction. The response rate is usually very low: this year a total of 1,258 (7.3 per cent) students completed the questionnaire, against 9.3 per cent last year. Whether conclusions can be drawn on the basis of such a small sample, is for statisticians to decide, but with that reservation it appears that students are generally satisfied with the UM's services and facilities, especially at FPN (89.2 per cent). The other faculties score above 80 per cent.

As far as the provision of information is concerned, 74 per cent is satisfied, but there is room for improvement. An FHML student put in the free text section of the questionnaire: “More content-specific information on the subjects could be provided. In addition, the site providing information on master’s programmes is pretty poorly organised.”
The lack of study spaces at the university library is mentioned frequently, but there is also criticism concerning study spaces at the faculties (59 per cent is satisfied with this). At FASoS, for example, there are “too few spaces for the number of students” and “not enough sockets”.
A mere 58 per cent of students is happy with the catering facilities. “Too expensive” is the dominant tone at all faculties. In addition, there is a need for more vegetarian or vegan options.

About Studium Generale's “fantastic programme” (83.9 per cent), and the new sports centre (90 per cent) students are in general very positive. “Such a beautiful sports centre! An excellent improvement after the renovations. Good showers and changing rooms, beautiful studies spaces, nice café, great halls and especially the extensive range of sports offered for a reasonable price!” said one FHML student.

Response very low: 7,3 percent