Tutorials: Rules of engagement


It has been two months since I started teaching much more than I used to before, and I noticed some issues that need to be addressed. Before we begin, no worries, your names were changed. So, let’s start:

  1. Tutorial is not a hostage situation. Stop looking at me with those big scared eyes, Lindsay. It’s uncomfortable. Besides, you will be released unharmed.
  2. If you speak, speak; if you are quiet, be quiet. If Glynis is “shy” and prefers to stay quiet, and then Glynis whispers with others and disrupts the class – well, then, Glynis is an as…ole.
  3. I want you to know that every time you laugh at someone’s pronunciation of English, and make that person feel uncomfortable - the world became just a bit more a cruel place. No, Melanie, you cannot be condescending just because you spent a summer abroad in the US. Nobody gives a sh.t. 
  4. You are all here to learn, and some of you have more pre-knowledge than others. If you do not want to share your knowledge, but rather make fun of others – well, good luck in the real world, Harald. You might be the brightest student, but you will be a lonely human being.
  5. Your phones, tablets, laptops, and other smart gadgets are cool as long as they are used for learning. Checking the amazing lives of your cyber friends, and texting heart-eyes can wait after the tutorial, Henry. Later you can post your typical “OMG-so-busy-with-studying”, although all of your discussion examples come from the newest Netflix shows.   
  6. No, no, and NO, Marko! I DO NOT KNOW what is going to be on the exam, and cannot tell you what is the “trick” to study/read faster. If you get one – share it with me.  
  7. 30% of you are constantly going through different stages of a cold. So, when Conny is sick – she should sit as far as possible from the tutor, and not cough in my face. My chair is next to the board, so no, Conny, you will not be the scribe.
  8. What is up with all the 2l wasser bottles?! Seriously, Ewout, you are not running a marathon, you are sitting for 2h. Although you might think you look like you care about hydration – I know the real issue. Stop drinking the night before.

Irena Boskovic, teacher and researcher at FPN

Tutorials: Rules of engagement
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