University Library only for the UM from 1 January


MAASTRICHT. From 1 January, the University Library will only be open to UM card holders. Turnstiles will be installed in spring of 2019. Until that time, users will be checked manually.

Students have been complaining for years about the library being too full and have been irritated by non-UM users, such as secondary school pupils, taking up their spaces. In response to the complaints, it had already been agreed that during the exam periods - the so-called XXL weeks when the library has longer opening hours - only UM cardholders would be admitted. From 1 January, this regulation will be extended to every day of the year.
The access policy has been under attack many times, but there was no consensus within the UM's management team – deans and the Executive Board. Former building manager Yvette Froeling already told Observant so in September 2015, when the library’s public function was a point of discussion again. Some managers held 'the public function' in high esteem; the university library should be open to everyone, also to secondary school pupils, so that they can ‘get used to’ higher education. Others felt that outsiders should leave. Eventually, the decision was made that there would be no turnstiles and everyone was welcome.
Things are different now. Carin Klompen, manager of library locations and services: “It has only become more crowded. The UM is growing, more and more students are looking for a place to study and if one is taken by someone from outside the UM, they find that unfair.”

Initially they will check those who enter manually. Turnstiles will be set up in spring. The project has been put out to tender.
The doors of the university library will, by the way, not be completely locked for non-UM cardholders. Employees from MUMC and businesses or institutes with whom a contract has been signed, such as the Academie Verloskunde Maastricht, will still have access. Outsiders may reserve day passes for 10 euro (a maximum of two passes per day). In addition, arrangements can always be made, for example to look at special collections, says Klompen.


University Library only for the UM from 1 January