Foretaste of Pint of Science


MAASTRICHT. The idea originated in London a few years ago: put some scientists in a pub, let them talk about a certain topic and thus provide the broader public with an easy way of becoming acquainted with scientific research. That is what Pint of Science is: a three-day worldwide festival held in May. This year, for the first time, it will also be held in Maastricht. Last year, other Dutch universities took the lead before Maastricht. A 'taster' can be had on 27 February.

Scientists will talk about four different topics in four different pubs; subjects vary from ‘the elastic brain’ to ‘the missing links to cardiovascular health’. They will give a brief presentation of fifteen minutes, after which there will be time for discussion. Because the event is being held in pubs, there will also be an opportunity afterwards to speak to the scientists personally. Three of the four presentations will be in English, the last one in Dutch. All lectures start at the same time, so visitors will have to choose.

The festival in May (Monday, 20 May until Wednesday, 22 May) will have the same structure, except there will be five lectures per evening.

For more information and tickets (5 euro each, including a drink) go to

Foretaste of Pint of Science