UM and Groningen best general universities of the Netherlands

Keuzegids Masters 2019


MAASTRICHT. According to the Keuzegids Masters 2019, Maastricht University, together with Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, is the best general Dutch university. Eight Maastricht study programmes received the award Top Rated Programme. What's more, the master's of Learning and Development in Organisations at the School of Business and Economics was one of the five best study programmes in the Netherlands, with a score of 9.1. Health Education and Promotion had the worst score of the all Maastricht master's programmes.

Keuzegids Masters took a close look at the 58 master's programmes at Maastricht University, two of which were in Venlo, three from the Transnational University Limburg in collaboration with Hasselt, and one on the Chemelot premises in Sittard. The comparative guide bases its ranking on the judgement of students and experts (from the national inspectorate NVAO).

Among the eight Top Rated Programmes at the UM – with scores from 7.8 to 9.1 – are four research masters: Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology, European Studies and Business Research. The latter appears in the list of top programmes for the first time. The same applies to Sustainability Science & Policy at sustainability institute ICIS. There was special praise for facilities and supervision.
Among the stars, just like last year, are the two-year master's of Data Science for Decision Making and Forensic Psychology, as well as the one-year master's of Learning and Development in Organisations.

It is remarkable how Human Movement Sciences is climbing out of a deep hole. The programme received a pitiful 2.8 last year. This has become almost a 5. Jascha de Nooijer, director of Education for Health replies “we invested a great deal in a new curriculum”. On the other hand, the master's of Health Education and Promotion (HEP) has dropped by two full points to 4.8. HEP co-ordinator Francine Schneider is surprised: “We didn't make any substantial changes to the programme and testing.” According to her, the score doesn't match the internal evaluations. The programme recently also received a positive reaccreditation from the inspectorate NVAO, with good marks for their testing, among others. De Nooijer doesn't understand either. “The programme has been doing well for years, we have people working here who have their hearts in good education.”

The master's of Medicine didn't reach any higher than a 5.5: a small difference with the programme in Groningen, which takes first place with a six. Students mainly complain about testing and academic training. Practice-based learning is appreciated, which is understandable with all those internships.
Other noteworthy outcomes: Keuzegids placed Human Decision Science (a master's at the School of Business and Economics that is a cross between Psychology and Economics) in first place, above all Psychology master's programmes in the Netherlands. The regular Psychology master's is not doing badly either, with a fourth place (out of 13). Especially the facilities in both cases received a lot of praise.

The master's programmes at the Faculty of Law are frequently found in the middle. Dutch Law scores a
5.4 and in doing so, the UM manages to stay just ahead of the Open University and Tilburg. Students are
especially negative about academic training, practice-based education and facilities. This is striking
because the students from European Law School (ELS), for example, who occupy the same building,
appreciate those facilities. The ELS master's, by the way, is the best of all Maastricht law master's
programmes (6.9).

Keuzegids also looked at the relationship between selection policy and appreciation of a study programme. What came out was that master's programmes with a selective admission policy do no better than master's that admit all students with the right credentials. The research master's programmes form an exception: they were given an above-average appreciation. Whether that is due to the selection, remains the question, says the Keuzegids in a press release.


UM and Groningen best general universities of the Netherlands