Water board charges rise by 9% over four years


THE NETHERLANDS. Taxes to fund the water board have increased by an average of 9% in the last four years, according to the statistics agency CBS.

The higher charges reflect the extra funding the water authorities need to tackle challenges such as more frequent droughts and rising water levels, the CBS said.

The 21 bodies set their own rates, which vary widely from €252 for homeowners in De Dommel in Noord-Brabant to €479 in Delfland, which covers The Hague, Delft and surrounding areas. Tenants pay lower rates, ranging from €189 in De Dommel to €404 in Delfland. The tax consists of two elements, one to pay for maintaining the water and sewage network and the other for water purification.

In Rijnland, where the amount has gone up most in the last four years, water purification accounts for the bulk of the 26% increase, but in most other areas network maintenance charges have risen by a bigger margin.

The smallest rise was in Hunze and Aa’s, which straddles Groningen and Drenthe, where maintenance charges went up by 2% but purification charges were cut by 2%.

Two other water authorities, Hollands Noorderkwartier and Schieland and Krimpenerwaard, also reduced purification charges over the four years. Elections to the water boards are taking place on Wednesday, coinciding with the provincial assembly elections. All EU citizens are entitled to vote, as is anyone with a valid residency permit.

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