Ragweek: Support charity with a luminous football


“Children with a serious attachment disorder and behavioural problems who can no longer be placed in 'normal' foster homes live in the Maastricht Bibihuis,” says Eva Vleer, PR commissioner & vice-chairperson of Ragweek Maastricht. The home hugely depends on volunteers and sponsors, so this year some of the proceeds from the annual Ragweek - which will start on 10 April - will go there.

The other half of the proceeds will go to Campagneteam Huntington. Huntington is a hereditary and eventually fatal brain disease. “They use the money for research and medicines, but also for an information campaign in order to make the disease a topic of discussion. The disease is a taboo: carriers of the gene experience far-reaching consequences in work, relationships and family. Making it easier to speak about the disease will diminish the feeling of shame and possible carriers of the gene will be more inclined to have themselves tested.”

To collect money, Ragweek Maastricht will organise a number of events between 10 and 17 April, together with student (sports) and study associations. The most remarkable one this year is a glow in the dark football tournament “with luminous goals and footballs,” Vleer explains.
By way of tradition, there will be an opening party – at Koko this year – and an auction. New about the auction this year is that, in addition to the vouchers for dinners or day trips, activities relating to one of the board members will be auctioned. “For example, you could go and play a round of miniature golf and tobogganing in Valkenburg with me, and activities commissioner Menno Vrieze will colour his hair red for the right amount of money.”

Ragweek: Support charity with a luminous football